May 23, 2018

What Can You Do to Protect Yourself From Cell Phone and Wireless Radiation?

We all know that we are living in a world so technologically advanced, that technology even comes as a threat to us. With more than 7 billion phones around the world and countless of others devices emitting wireless signals, it is true that health problems arise just because of these signals – particularly their strength.

This issue is mostly known as cell phone and wireless radiation around the world. As you may not know, every device has an electromagnetic field (EMF) that poses a risk to our health and has the potential to damage the cells within it. From disrupting sleep to affecting the hormone production and the immune system, these electromagnetic fields can also point out an increase in conditions such as chronic pain, depression, anxiety or the Alzheimer’s disease.

So, How To Protect Yourself From Your Cell Phone

The first thing you should do is always keep your distance. For example, sleeping next to your smartphone or wearing it close to your heart can definitely cause some negative reaction. For example, the popular bras with pockets for phones are a bridge to breast cancer – and definitely not a great example of where you should store your cell phone.

Putting our phones next to our ears (and close to our brain) every time we talk is another thing that seriously affects our health. That is why most doctors recommend to talk on speaker or at least on a pair of headphones. The risk of cancer can be best decreased if you turn your phone off more often or consider alternatives such as Skype, landlines or other ways to stay in touch.

Use An EMF Shielding Device

The last but not the least option out there is to invest in an EMF shielding device that is able to block the radiation from your smartphone. Knowing that you cannot escape talking or sitting next to your smartphone at most times of the day, this seems to be the only alternative that may work – and shield your health from the electromagnetic radiation our phones emit.