Q: I heard that ShieldMe Cases donates a portion of every sale to help rescue Falun Gong orphans in China. Is this correct?
A: Yes, ShieldMe Cases donates a portion of every sale to help rescue vulnerable orphans in China whose parents were murdered for their spiritual beliefs, that is, for practicing Falun Gong.

Many of the parents who died, had their organs harvested, while they were still alive and breathing!

When we looked into the matter, we were utterly shocked! Realizing that these grief-stricken orphans have no one to turn to, we felt it was incumbent upon us to reach out and make a difference in their little kid's lives.

Q: Does the Shieldme cases help protect users against microwave or RF radiation emitted from cell phones?
A: Yes, the ShieldMe Case provides users a way to help reduce the potential hazards attributed to cell phone radiation.
Q: How do you know that the Shieldme cases helps mitigate potential hazards attributed to cell phone radiation?
A: The shielding fabric we use in our cases has been shown—via independent lab tests—to block over 99.99% of cell phone radiation at 3GHz. The dB rating (shielding effectiveness) at 3GHz is 82.2.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: Please click here to view our complete return policy.

Q: Exactly how do I go about performing a shielding test on your cases?

A: First, open up your ShieldMe Case to expose the front side of your cell phone. Then, take an RF meter, preferably with an attached near-field probe, and place it on the front side of your cell phone.

Turn on your meter and take a reading.

Now, make a call and immediately take another reading with your meter. You should notice a definite spike in radiation.

Then, while your phone is still dialing out, close the ShieldMe Case, put the near-field probe on top of your case, and take another reading.

You should notice a dramatic drop in radiation when the ShieldMe Case is closed, while your phone is still dialing out, or actually engaged in a call.

This indicates a drop in the amount of radiation being emitted by your phone, or in other words: the shielding effectiveness of your ShieldMe Case.

Q: I heard that some anti-radiation cases actually increase the output of microwave radiation being emitted from cell phones.
A: This is true, and is mostly applicable to anti-radiation cell phone cases that in one way or other hamper the phone’s ability to send or receive signals from nearby cell phone towers.

When a cell phone has to work extra hard to receive signals from a tower, it may heat up, thus exposing the user to increased levels of microwave radiation.

Our cases do not inhibit the transmission or reception of microwave signals from and to cell phone towers. Thus, this is a non-issue when you use an ShieldMe Case.

In addition, our cases do not block your phone’s antenna in any way, thus the signal strength is never compromised.

Q: Does the shielding fabric in your cases deflect or absorb cell phone radiation?
A: The shielding fabric that we use in our cases deflects cell phone radiation towards the back of the phone, thus away from the user’s head and body. It does not absorb radiation.

Q: Will your case help protect me when I'm just carrying my phone around, as opposed to actually using it?
A: Yes, our ShieldMe Case acts like a radiation shield to deflect cell phone radiation away from your body.

By simply keeping the front of the phone (which contains our anti-radiation shielding fabric), between your body and the phone itself, you’ll be shielding your body against potentially harmful radiation. Of course, we highly recommend that you refrain from carrying your cell phone in your pocket.

Q: How do I use your ShieldMe Case?
A: Open the cover, slip your phone in the case, make or answer a call, then immediately close the cover. The clarity of the phone call will not be affected in any way by the case.

Q: What is your shipping policy?
A: All paid orders go out within 24 hours of the time that we receive them (weekends not included), and tracking is included. However, if we need to re-order cases during our popular $50 million Give-away Campaign, meaning, if we run out of stock or inventory, it could take up to 6 weeks to send your order to you, as our manufacture requires a three-week lead time. If this is indeed the case, we will, of course, promptly email you to let you know.

Q: What Is the warranty guarantee?
A: To view our complete warranty guarantee, please click here

Q: Where is the shielding fabric located in your ShieldMe cases?
A: It is located inside the front cover of the case, as indicated in the diagram below.