In an effort to protect children from the harmful effects of cell phone radiation,
we are giving away (FREE!) 1,000,000 anti-radiation cell phone cases to parents
with children.

Total give-away value: $50 million.

Simply buy one case at the regular price ($49.95) and get 3 additional cases for FREE!

This limited time offer applies to all *groups, clubs, organizations, and people with a **social media account, anywhere in the world.

* If you are a member of a group, club, or organization, ask the person in charge to contact us, and we will make this offer available to you, and everyone in your club/group/organization.  This offer does not apply to separate individuals.

**If you have a social media account, all you need to do is mention this offer on your social media page and send us proof of your post. Once we verify it, we will email you back with a special discount code, which will automatically qualify for this offer.